Hi! and thanks for visiting my site!
Being a part time musician, I've always worn leather cuffs on stage and off.
I have very thin wrists and it was hard to find fine quality cuffs that fit, so in 2001 I bought some leather and a few tools. I was thrilled with the cuff watch I made and made some for friends who then urged me to do something with this new found talent!?! I was bartending for cash, supporting my band and getting tired of the grind so I made 6 watches and listed them on eBay. I sold all 6 in one week and realized " I can do something with this!"
It's been a real blessing and I'm so thankful to work with my hands and heart everyday.
I'm constantly refining my techniques and materials for better results and also learning and stretching my skills everyday.
I hope to make you something special!