Hello and thanks for visiting my site! 
 I've always worn cuffs.
I think it stemmed from having thin wrists.. It made me feel strong!
Being that I have thin wrists, it was difficult to find quality cuffs that fit.
 In 2001, I bought some leather and a few tools. I made myself a cuff watch based on an image in my head, of something I saw in passing. 
 This started my passion for leatherwork! Since that day, I've studied and practiced this craft with patience and respect for the process. 
 I've increased my catalog to include belts, wallets and other accessories that engage me. It's been a blessing and I'm thankful to work with my hands and heart everyday. 
 I strive to refine my techniques and always use the best materials for like results!

I hope to make you something special!

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